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Promote healthy eating, share recipes, raise lots of funds.
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Healthly eating is a really important issue and there's no better way to promote it than by creating your very own healthy cookbook. And with this site you can do exactly that, raising lots of healthy funds in the process.

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So, what exactly is The Cookbook Initiative?

It’s a fundraising project for schools and other associations – you type in your recipes, we’ll create and print your cookbooks, and you sell them on for a profit.

No technical pitfall

We will not ask you to worry about creating any PDF or allow for margins or anything technical untoward like that.

No obligation

...leaving you free to give it a go and if you wish to stop, you simply stop – there’ll be no quibbles from us!

Totally web based

...designed to be very simple and straightforward for the organisers of the project. Watch the video guide

With initiatives, it’s as easy as cracking an egg!

Give each pupil the task to come up with a recipe, with the help from their Mum, Dad, Granny, Aunty and so on. Then just follow the simple instructions on our easy to navigate website and type in the recipes. Each recipe page can be personalised with a photo. We’ll then print out your cookbooks (high quality, full colour pages) and send them to you within 4 weeks.

New Features

Use our newly available introduction pages to give the opportunity to the headteacher to say a few words. We have also introduced sponsor pages which will allow you to reduce the cost of your books.

We have also created a new cover to choose from see visual on this page. A very amusing and fun feature has been added allowing you to add kitchen ustensils or chef hats onto the pictures you can upload on each recipe. This feature can be actived or not by you the organiser of the book.

Parent Access Area: a unique website so parents can type in their kid’s recipes themselves.

The Parent Access Area website (www.theschoolcookbook.com/se.php) means parents and their children can now add their recipes on their home computer meaning less work for the organiser and more fun for the children!

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